Bed with shelving unit & canopy with lifted frame 160x200 4You by VOX white GE

Bed with shelving unit & canopy with lifted frame 160x200 4You by VOX white GE

4 You
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Product features

  • You can equip a comfortable bed depending on your needs.
  • Hang the canopy and create your own, intimate space.
  • Behind the top of the bed is a bookcase - your library in the bedroom. Functional recesses for books in the lower bed frame will allow you to maximize storage space.
  • The size of the shelves makes it easy to match the colorful boxes from the 4 You collection.
  • Possibility to choose a bed with a floor or a raised frame.
  • The raised frame provides easy access to a spacious bedding container. The frame has 18 strips in a row, the distance between the strips is 3.5-4 cm. The frame can bear a weight of 150 kg per person, including the mattress.
  • The frame has a 3-step adjustment. Select the correct level of adjustment depending on the weight of the mattress (compartments for mattresses weighing up to 30 kg, up to 40 kg and up to 50 kg).
  • Comfortable top - support while reading or watching TV. Add a soft cover to the top and rest more comfortably.
  • You can create a home theater in bed by lowering the screen hidden in the canopy and hanging the projector. Both of these items are purchased separately.
  • On the additional ladders on the side and at the top of the bed, hang atmospheric lighting, flowers or photos.
  • By placing bedside tables next to the bed, you will increase the storage space.
  • By hanging curtains or blinds on the canopy, you will additionally emphasize the intimacy of the place.
  • The size of the bed makes it easier to adjust the mattress from the Meble VOX offer. You can also buy an anti-slip mat under the mattress, which prevents the mattress from sliding over the frame.
  • The maximum height of the mattress, ensuring comfortable opening of the container flap, is 21 cm.

The colors

  • White.


  • Laminated board - resistant to damage and moisture, easy to keep clean.


238.0 cm
168.0 cm
206.0 cm
276.0 kg
Packages count:
12 tk
2 years
Info +372 6730822 (10.30-19.30)


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