Bench Z_SZU Nature by VOX oak/white/white

Bench Z_SZU Nature by VOX oak/white/white

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Product features

  • A bench with a drawer can play many roles. It can stand at the foot of the bed and be used to sit down while getting dressed. In the hallway, it will make it easier to put on and take off shoes. In the living room, in turn, it can act as an additional seat, e.g. on the edge of the kitchen, where you can sit down and chat with the person preparing the meal.
  • The slanting arrangement of the legs gives the bench lightness and is a common element in the Nature collection, which enables harmonious arrangement of furniture. It also makes cleaning easier.
  • The drawer will store all handy items. It is available with an oak or white front.
  • The rounded edge in the place where we most often lean on when getting up from the bench significantly increases its functionality. Effectively prevents the tumor from getting stuck on itself and eliminates the unpleasant feeling associated with leaning on sharp edges.
  • For the bench, we recommend the nature bench cushion (item to be purchased), available in two colors to choose from.

The colors

  • Natural oak color
  • Veneer with oak decor
  • drawer front: white or oak


  • Wood - legs, handle and wooden edges of the furniture. The natural process for wooden elements is the oxidation process, and thus the color of the wood changes to darker. Such changes cannot therefore be a reason for complaints, as they result from the natural wood used.
  • Laminated board (the rest of the furniture) - durable and resistant to dirt.


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2 years
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