• Green symbol of Christmas. 5 ideas for a Christmas tree at home

      Together with the Christmas tree, we invite into our interiors not only a festive atmosphere, but, above all, natural greenery and a unique aroma. How to choose the right tree for yourself and how to decorate it?  


      The custom of decorating a Christmas tree has a long history and dates back to pre-Christian times. This tradition came to Poland in the early 19th century from Germany, where Protestants, including Martin Luther, began decorating the Christmas tree for Christmas. Our western neighbors hung their first trees right under the ceiling, top down. 


      Over time, this custom was also adopted in England and France, and then it began to spread to other European countries. The evergreen tree was a symbol of life, rebirth and fertility, and decorating the Christmas tree with pieces of dried fruit, gingerbread, feathers, or blown eggs was supposed to bring

    • happiness in the coming year. Over the years, decorating the Christmas tree has turned into a creative game that we often invite the whole family to.

      According to tradition, you need to decorate the tree shortly before Christmas, that is, on Christmas Eve. However, the unique charm and smell of natural wood means that we invite them to our homes much earlier. How to do it?


      Choosing a Christmas tree for your home: spruce, pine or spruce?

      Before we start decorating the tree, we need to choose the right tree. Every year one of three species appears in Polish homes: spruce, fir or pine.


      The former captivates with its characteristic conical shape and an intense scent of resin that quickly engulfs the whole house. However, it must be remembered that the short spruce needles fall off quickly. Without proper home care, a tree can lose all of them even a few days after Christmas.

    • Fir does not emit such a pungent odor, but it is very similar to spruce - at least at first glance. Its branches smoothly rise upward, which makes it easy to hang spinners and Christmas tree decorations. It is also quite durable. If properly cared for, it can remain in the pot for even several years. 


      The majestic pine enchants with its rare long needles, which, with regular watering, firmly adhere to the branches. Although its green color is less intense and slightly cooler, the wood makes up for it with a distinctly perceptible natural scent.


      5 ideas for a Christmas tree at home

      After we have chosen the right type of Christmas tree and placed it in the right place, it's time to start decorating it. How to decorate a Christmas tree so that it captivates household members and creates a magical atmosphere in our home?

    • 1. A very personal Christmas tree.

      You don't have to buy baubles in the store to decorate our tree.  We can make jewelry with our own hands , cutting, folding and decorating them with our loved ones. At Christmas we finally have some free time to let our creativity run wild. 


      If we want to create original jewelry, it won't take long. They will work, among other things, walnuts painted in gold or silver, dried orange slices, candy canes, homemade gingerbread cookies, apples, ribbons or garlands. We can also easily make colorful paper balls by cutting out unusual shapes or using the simplest origami techniques. 

      Thanks to homemade decorations, the tree will become one of a kind - original and completely ours. A Christmas tree decorated in this way can be placed in a jute rope basket, which warms from the inside . After Christmas, it is also great for hiding another house plant.

    • 2. Natural jewelry in glass capsules.

      In addition to the already mentioned dried fruits, cookies and sweets, we can also decorate our tree with green twigs, blades of grass and even leaves. It is enough to hang them on glass trinkets, making them look very light and original.


      Buli glass candlesticks, which can be easily hung on the branches of our spruce, pine or spruce, will help to decorate the Christmas tree. We will choose dishes of different sizes and hang them so that they all take on an interesting rhythm. In the flickering light of candles and Christmas tree lights, our natural decorations will look like glass capsules floating in the air.


      3. The idea of ​​an ecological tree made from sticks.

      When we are looking for an ecological holiday idea or we don't have enough space for a Christmas tree at home, we can ... hang our tree on the wall! All you need is a few sticks or twigs of different sizes, which we tie with a string so that they form a small ladder.



      Additionally, you can decorate the sticks tree with pine cones, dried oranges, anise stars, or cinnamon sticks. Thanks to them, it will conquer not only with its original appearance, but also with its warming aroma.


      A stick tree can be hung not only in the living room, but also in the bedroom or children's room . Thanks to the aroma of fruits and spices, the festive atmosphere will last a little longer in the house. No less important, manual labor is not required to create an original jewelry - its implementation is very simple and even the smallest family members can handle it.


      4. Natural beautiful Christmas tree at home.

      The Christmas tree, mesmerizing with its rich aroma and color, is itself a unique decoration of the interior during the holidays. Our tree doesn't need much to look beautiful. A freshly cut tree brought home on Christmas Eve will impress even when it is completely unadorned. This Christmas tree idea will work, especially if our interiors are dominated by warm shades of wood or minimalistic decor .

    • Modest decorations will help bring out its natural beauty. Decorate only a thick fragrant Christmas tree or spruce with warm white lights. A jute rope cover complements this simple composition. A Christmas tree prepared in this way can be placed in the Geo geometric metal basket and placed in the center of the living room, where gift bags will be waiting for it. 


      5. The idea of ​​a mini-Christmas tree for a small interior.

      Even if we don't have enough room at home for a spreading fir, spruce or pine tree, we don't need to completely abandon the tree. Let's look for a small potted Christmas tree that even fits on a small coffee table or decorates a New Year's table. 


      We can decorate our mini Christmas tree with a set of small balls, wrap it with twinkling lights or leave it completely unadorned. Surrounded by glass candlesticks or ceramic vases with green branches, it will highlight the cozy character of our Christmas composition.

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