• The house is full of life

      With the advent of children comes the time of the greatest joy, love and spontaneity. At the same time, our entire reality today is changing beyond recognition. A multi-generational community, frequent family meetings and being together in the same space. How to maintain a balance between so many people and worlds at the same time?


      At this most important moment in family life, we are experiencing a powerful experience of dynamically changing daily life. "Home with Children" has its own rules and requires wise, responsible organization and management.


      If we are professionally active, we spend most of the day away from home. Coming back to this, we want to spend the remaining time with the children, next to each other, focusing on each other. We connect rooms, demolish walls or choose an open space project, which literally means open space. Most often it combines the functions of a living room,

    • TV corner with sitting area, dining room and kitchen. Space. Most often it combines the functions of a living room, a TV corner with a seating area, a dining room and a kitchen.


      By choosing such a form of space, we can be sure that literally everything will be there. Then we wonder how to make the house safe and comfortable, when from morning till night it is filled with childish fuss, races, tons of toys and things that are lost with ours. Setting up an open home space requires a lot of care in planning communication, choosing the right furniture or equipment, and cleverly combining it all.


      When looking for compact solutions, you should pay attention to multifunctional and versatile furniture. Modular upholstered furniture allows you to adapt the seating position to the circumstances by placing it on multi-seater sofas for watching movies together or in separate armchairs and sun loungers for spending time alone. The need to bring different spaces together and ensure good communication between them requires discipline in interior design. Good results

    • they create a neutral, unobtrusive backdrop of wood, white or other monochromatic furniture set against a backdrop of stronger accents of small elements. We tame these coexisting worlds by taking care of the balance of shapes, shapes, patterns and colors.


      Shielded furniture, such as double-sided freestanding shelves or upholstered furniture systems stacked in centrally positioned islands, allow us to create discrete corners in one intended open space. Good effects are achieved by including a large number of small side light points in these lighting elements. With the help of different levels of light intensity, we can separate the places where we work from those that are intended for recreation.


      The right materials and materials guarantee the durability of all permanent elements of the interior, so that we do not have to replace them after more energetic children's activities. In home improvement with an emphasis on a happy and safe childhood for children, let's look for healthy solutions (suitable paints, varnishes, components, laminate) and ones that will allow us to integrate children into household chores without stress.

    • Soft Blue bedding
    • Non-slip and easy-to-clean floors, dirt-repellent walls, skirting boards that hide dangerous cable sections - these elements will help create an interior that provides comfort for all users.


      In a space full of curious children, a device adapted to their height and age comes in handy, as well as special protection against unwanted opening. In a family home, all furniture with a large number of drawers, hiding places, easily accessible, lockable places will come in handy. Shelving systems with separate shelves and closed niches (additional height adjustment is also important) allow you to allocate a special space for children who can use them for their "worlds" without disturbing the general order of adults. These solutions help children learn to order in a spirit of respect for space and the rights of other family members. The educational space shows children how important mutual acceptance is, and at the same time gives them a sense of security in coexistence with the rest of the world.

    • Domesticism is, first of all, equal rights for all family members, as well as the search for balance in space, in which many parallel worlds, as part of the time spent together, occur simultaneously. A home with children also means a home filled with people: when toddlers invite their peers, when friends visit us with whole families, when grandparents or nannies handle everything every day. Organizing a bustling home with a large open space is not an easy task. But if we make that choice, we have a chance to create a friendly family environment that will allow us to have fun and comfortable time together, while maintaining the autonomy of each family member.

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