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      When we arrange a room for our first-time children to go to school, we feel very clearly how strong the need is to be separated and to clearly define our place in the family. We see how willingly they are to choose solutions that will allow them to isolate themselves from the rest of the house and organize the world on their own terms.


      But it's not just children who need such a private shelter. Each of us should have peace. No matter how socially developed we are, sometimes we just want to be alone with ourselves. Most of us at different stages of life either choose or, for various reasons, are forced to live alone. Regardless of why this happens, such moments are often accompanied by a strong, even irresistible need to emphasize their uniqueness and independence in our and only our space.

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    • Looking at the interiors of youth rooms, which are personalized by millions and reveal the need to create their own microcosm, we see how fascinating the world of an individual person is. Personalization is applicable to almost everything today. In the interior, we decide not only the final appearance of the furniture, adapting it to our tastes and preferences (from the color to the choice of handles or the shape of the legs), but also about the surfaces and details of floors, walls and doors. ... With this choice, it is worth choosing two, maximum three leading colors in the interior. Thanks to this, many objects in our microcosm will not be visually overwhelming, and we will let our imagination run wild when choosing accessories.


      Regardless of whether we live in rented rooms or reorganize our lives, after our children leave the house that we have organized for them, in such moments we have the opportunity to decide only for ourselves and for ourselves. R interior óżnie challenge is designed for the person living in them himself. Located in cities, most often in small areas, they require a neat and well-thought-out arrangement, and also because a lot of things happen in them at once.

    • In trying to fit our entire life into a tiny space, we are forced to develop creative space. So let's pick out a few items that have the traits of an "inner chameleon" that will fulfill different roles in changing circumstances. The capacity of the furniture and the practical arrangement of its interiors will be extremely important, allowing you to tame the clutter.


      Today is favorable for any change - work, place of residence, lifestyle. That's why we need smart, modular solutions that address the changing interests and needs of today's nomads. The need to quickly rearrange the interior can arise as a result of various factors. Someday it will be a change of residence, with the need to quickly and efficiently move the "house" to a new place. On another occasion, we will adapt the existing space to accommodate guests. Small apartments are always a challenge, no matter the circumstances. They are characterized by a mixture of different styles, freedom of arrangement with an emphasis on situational variability, a combination of old and new, colorful with monochrome, exclusive with very ordinary - anything is possible,because they are subject to very specific tastes and characteristics of only one man in the street. ... Depending on character and preferences, we can enjoy impeccable order and luxury, devoting the smallest place to our favorite objects, or, conversely, enjoy impeccable imperfection, which is an expression of our boundless freedom. Here, every method is good as long as it is "mine".


      Regardless of age and moment of life, each of us has a desire to emphasize our individuality. The space of the house says a lot about us. In it we can feel at home, at ease and safe. Home is an endless story about a person, written by him.

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