• Christmas table decoration. How to choose a tablecloth, dishes and decorations?

      Holidays are the time we spend with our loved ones. On these special days, the table becomes the center of the house: this is where we sit down together to share waffles, taste homemade meals and just spend a few days together. 


      Decorating the table on Christmas Eve, we want to emphasize the festive character of the evening and give our loved ones the opportunity to feel at ease. In a family circle, we do not need much: even the simplest agreements will help us create an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy from the moments that we spend together. 


      Using your favorite dishes, selected colors and small accessories, we will make our Christmas table exactly the way we want it to be. Here are some ideas to spice up your Christmas Eve night and show you how to decorate your table for Christmas.

    • Festive colors on the table on Christmas Eve

      To decorate the New Year's table, we often use the classic shades of white, red and green. However, the palette of colors that will create a festive mood is much wider - we use it in full handfuls to implement our own, even the most unusual ideas. 


      On the festive table, saturated colors are perfect, which will emphasize the solemnity of a family celebration. To give it a classy look, let's go for jewelry in shades of shiny navy blue, burgundy or black. A majestic dark red will go well with gold accessories, and a noble dark blue will fully reflect its depth against a white tablecloth.


      If we are bored with traditional Christmas accessories in shades of silver and gold, we can offer more expressive color palettes for decorating the table on Christmas Eve. However, if we prefer to emphasize the cozy atmosphere of a family gathering, we can choose warm pastel shades - for example, delicate gray, blue or delicate, powdery pink. 

    • The color scheme of the festive table can be matched to other elements of the interior: the decoration of the table and chair, soft tones of the walls or the natural warmth of wooden floors . The colors we choose may also refer to other Christmas decorations, such as a green tree, multi-colored balls, or the delicate yellowish candlelight. Thus, our Christmas table will become a harmonious part of a larger holiday whole.


      Tablecloth, which is the basis of the Christmas tree decoration of the table

      Let's start decorating the table for Christmas with a tablecloth. It is he who will first of all help to make our composition a little festive. The classic white tablecloth found in almost every home is the perfect base for other décor elements - lightweight, refreshing and extremely versatile. However, if we like having a lot going on at the holiday table, the color of the tablecloth, its material and texture can also be more clearly matched with the crockery, cutlery or accessories. Let's bet on similar shades or experiment with expressive contrasts. 

    • Instead of a wide tablecloth, the basis of our arrangement can also be a narrow and oblong step, on which we can place crockery with crockery, decorative candlesticks and other decorative elements. Its color can be adjusted to match the finish of the table - so that it blends in or stands out clearly from the background.


      When decorating a table on Christmas Eve, you can also completely skip the tablecloth. This is a good idea when we dream of a simple, easy arrangement. Thus, we will bare a wooden tabletop and emphasize the colors of the dishes and accessories: napkins, decorations or green, coniferous branches located between them. 


      Festive tableware - sophisticated yet elegant

      Another element of decorating the New Year's table is cutlery. We can decorate plates, plates, plates, cups with Christmas tree decorations, or create a simple universal arrangement of smooth bright dishes. Ceramic tableware with tassels in muted neutral colors perfectly fit into our ideas - regardless of whether we are preparing dinner or a modest meeting with the family.

    • With the help of cutlery, even in the simplest decoration of the festive table, we can bring in original details - especially when we prepare dishes from the Motif collection for our guests . The three-dimensional decor of plates, bowls and even salt shakers and peppers will stand out in the glow of the candles on Christmas Eve. It will especially appeal to those looking for elegance in a slightly more restrained and sophisticated design.  


      To add some warm accents to the Christmas table, we can place Alt wooden decorative plates next to the white crockery . Fragrant ruddy poppy, curd cakes and gingerbread on acacia stands will seem even sweeter. 


      Simple Christmas table decorations

      The arrangement of our Christmas table will be complemented by small accessories. Let's start with napkins: the most classic of the pleasant to the touch material are perfect. We can lay out cutlery on them and tie it all with a multi-colored ribbon or jute thread, thus preparing an elegant set for each of our guests. Cutlery can be placed directly on or next to the plate.

    • A small decoration related to the main theme of our arrangement will also be useful in every place - for example, a small wooden figurine or twigs decorated with golden glitter , which our loved ones can take home with them.   


      When decorating the table on Christmas Eve, you can also find other natural decorations, for example, pieces of dried oranges, sprigs of mistletoe or spruce, and voluminous pine cones brought from a Christmas walk. Anise stars and cinnamon or vanilla sticks can also be placed in the middle to add a sweet flavor to the evening. Baked and glazed gingerbread cookies can be a delicious decoration too. A good place for them would be a two-level pater and - from this, the table will look like a groan of sweetness. 


      Not only the first star - the light at the festive table

      We feel the festive mood with all our senses. In addition to the fragrant tree, background music and tasty treats, subtle lighting will be a dot above and in our Christmas composition. This will help us create a unique atmosphere of intimacy.

    • To decorate the table on Christmas Eve - in its central part, or between dishes - you can use a string of glowing balls Happy Lights , resembling small baubles. Their color can be combined with other elements of our arrangement to add even more warmth to the decor. 


      Candles come in handy too. They can be placed in glass candlesticks, placed in different corners of the living room or dining room, and also create original decorations from glass vessels. Floating candles along with green branches of conifers will look very light and elegant.

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