• Home office arrangement. How to arrange a room for work?

      Today, remote work is no longer just the domain of freelancers. In order to be able to disconnect from the home rhythm and cut off all distractions, it is good to allocate a separate room for professional purposes. What is worth remembering when arranging a home office?


      In the case of many industries, especially those related to working at the computer, duties can be performed in the comfort of your home as effectively as in a traditional office space. Some people use the home office full-time, while others sit on extra work after hours. In both situations, a separate space is useful, which we associate only with work - sometimes a place to work in the living room or bedroom is insufficient.


    • If we have a small room, it is worth arranging it properly to facilitate focus and take creativity to a higher level. In such a space, we will have all the necessary things gathered in one place, and our dog will lose the opportunity to treat important documents as an interesting toy. In addition, we will stop getting in the way of other household members who would like to watch their favorite series or movie without fear of obstructing our work or distracting our attention.


      Why is it worth having a separate home office?

      A separate office at home is a great solution not only for people frequently visited by clients. Those of us who regularly answer phone calls and conduct videoconferences with colleagues also need a space for free conversation. In the background, a high bookcase filled with books will look much better than the kitchen mess . Thanks to the Creative system, its color and the arrangement of shelves can be planned according to your needs. 

    • By arranging even a small office, it will be easier for us to maintain a balance between private life and work. After closing the door to the home office, we can mentally cut off from ongoing projects and take care of family responsibilities. If we like creative chaos, nothing prevents us from leaving the scattered notes and returning to them the next day with a fresh mind. A separate desk has the advantage that it is not used for specific tasks, unlike a table in a shared space.

      A separate office at home is also a good solution for people who value order and perfectionists. Thanks to it, they do not have to worry about someone disturbing their work rhythm, even if they take care of it in the evening hours, when the rest of the family is behind the wall. Additionally, by locking the door with a key, they can be sure that their children will not choose this room as a playground in the absence of adults. Thus, all documents will remain in their place.


      What furniture to choose for a home office

      The most important piece of furniture in a home office is undoubtedly a desk, combined with a comfortable chair or armchair.

    • Quadruple high bookcase
    • Desk
    • In order to choose the most comfortable seat, conducive to the health of our spine, it is worth visiting the nearest VOX salon and testing yourself which model is right for you. 

      It's good to find a place on the desk next to the window so that you can peek outside for inspiration. We will also gain access to daylight when we place this piece of furniture sideways, perpendicular to the window sill. If we do not have such a possibility, try to position them so that there is free space behind the monitor - avoid empty walls and unpleasant views that are not conducive to effective work.


      It is also important to properly illuminate the workspace, which is essential for the health of our eyes. If we prefer to work in the evening, it is worth remembering to arrange several lamps in order to obtain diffused light that will not distract us.


      The Creative system offers several shades of bodies and furniture fronts, as well as many types of handles and types of legs. Thanks to this, depending on the configuration, the desk can look completely different, suitable for any interior.

    • If we put on a white table top and wide, wooden handles, we will be able to smuggle these elements in other furniture into the home office. We can easily arrange both a small office and a more spacious studio. The Creative system includes low and high shelves with as many as four different widths, which allows you to adjust the furniture to the available space. A multi-functional chest of drawers or a sideboard will also be a good solution .


      Due to the fact that we can independently adjust the number and arrangement of shelves and drawers, we can easily adjust the amount of storage space to our own needs. By putting together various pieces of furniture, we will gain as many closed and open spaces as we dream of. For some, one bookcase and a small cabinet will be enough, while others will need a whole built-up wall full of books and documents. To make the most of your space, you should attach a hanging horizontal shelf or a practical felt board to the wall , which will help you plan your day. This function can also be performed by the Milo organizer , combining a magnetic and cork surface.

    • Desk container
    • In a home office, an additional armchair is often useful - for example when the phone rings and we do not want to be distracted by the computer screen. By changing places during the working day, we also change our perspective. If we have a larger room, we can put a small sofa and a low coffee table . Such a set will work well for a less formal conversation. The couch will also be useful when you want to rest during a break from work and devote yourself to reading.

      Practical arrangement of the home office

      Many people at work value organization and order. Thanks to the almost infinite options for personalizing both the appearance and interior of the furniture from the Creative system, you can even decide on the number of drawers in your desk and place dedicated organizers in them. It is the perfect place for stationery or a computer and phone charger.

      Only the most necessary things may remain on the desk top. A minimalist lamp and a dresser clock as well as organizers with carefully sorted items will help you organize your thoughts.

    • A multifunctional newspaper holder will also be useful , in which we will store folders and various documents. In order not to be unnecessarily distracted by getting up, it is worth placing a practical basket for papers next to it. Remember also to arrange the wall above the desk according to your preferences. It's a good place for inspiring artwork or decorating with Kerradeco wall panels .

      The design of all furniture in our office can provide maximum functionality. Thanks to the hanging, vertical shelves , we will gain convenient access to books and binders. A narrow, high bookcase will accommodate all other necessary things related to our profession, without taking up much space in the room. We can decide for ourselves what space we leave open, and how many shelves we hide behind the door with a silent closing system, supporting full concentration at work.


      When designing furniture for a home office, it is worth focusing on subdued shades. The combination of solid, wooden or metal legs and gray or white blocks will bring peace to the interior. The handles can blend in with the colors of the fronts or be matched to them on the basis of contrast, thanks to which they will constitute an original accent.

    • Any personal items are also an important element of the decor. Introducing a bit of personalization will make our work much more pleasant. A frame with a photo of a loved one or a souvenir from an unforgettable trip will remind us why it is worth trying. 


      A study for two? Why not.

      When arranging an office in our home, we sometimes prepare a work space for more than one person. Partners can share a large, compact table . Due to the fact that it can be folded out, you can easily adjust the size of the table top to your current needs. It's also a good idea to join two desks together along the back edges. Thanks to this, we will exchange ideas and opinions on an ongoing basis during work, and we will not have to allocate a large room for an office for two. Additionally, when designing furniture, everyone can choose their own color of the top. However, it is worth opting for identical feet and handles to create a coherent set. All the accessories useful at work will help to accommodate a practical container .

    • Additional space may also be useful when you want to keep an eye on your child. Sitting at the desk next to it, the toddler can do homework in concentration, interrupting our work from time to time with a question that bothers him.


      Remember that the perfect arrangement of the office does not exist. Each of us should answer the question of what space to work in and what is best for him. Then it is worth using the VOXBOX application and experimenting freely, creating the most inspiring home office decor. Thanks to a separate work room, reflecting our taste and character, we will gain not only peace and quiet, but also greater motivation to act.

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