• A creative, functional and… very personal space. How to furnish a living room?

      The living room is the heart of every home. This is where we spend most of our time - having fun and relaxation together, and welcoming guests. The daily paths of the household members intersect in the living room, so its interior should be prepared for every situation.


      The better we adjust the interior of the living room to our own needs, the more pleasant it will be to spend time in it. It is not only about functionality, but also about the character of the interior. Personalization can include many aspects: from the overall arrangement, through the appearance and design of the furniture, to the selection of favorite details.

    • Thanks to the clever solutions provided by the Creative system , fulfilling all assumptions will be extremely simple. We don't have to worry about the fact that we have too many ideas on how to arrange a living room. The intuitive VOXBOX application will allow you to check which ones are worth implementing and show how our dream room will finally look like. What is worth remembering when arranging and furnishing a living room?

      Home center tailored to your needs

      Creative, unfettered chaos, where the place of each item is at most conventional? Or maybe orderly minimalism , the structure of which is difficult to break? It depends on us what form our living room will ultimately take. At the outset, it is worth considering what solutions we really need in it every day. 


      For some, in the living room, a comfortable sofa and a practical TV cabinet will be a sufficient duo , which will accommodate our entire home entertainment center. There will be room not only for a TV set, but also a DVD player, your favorite magazines and decorations.

    • For others, the living room is a treasury of much more. In this case, it is worth looking for a place for various small items in spacious chests of drawers and sideboards. We will decide for ourselves which of them we want to present on open shelves and which we prefer to hide from dust and the eyes of guests. 


      If we have a wide collection of books, we can also display it in the salon. A perfect place for a home library will be bookcases - single or set together. By individually adjusting the number and arrangement of their shelves, you can be sure that every reading will fit on them. Hanging shelves will also work well in this role. Attached to the wall at any height, they will not take up additional space if the space of our living room is very limited .


      How to arrange a living room that can accommodate everything?

      Regardless of the style in which the arrangement of the living room will be maintained, it is good to furnish it in such a way that it is prepared to receive newer and newer items.

    • Otherwise, the real challenge may be to manage the thickening clutter. The number of functions of this room will increase, for example, when a new family member appears.


      How to arrange a multi-purpose living room? Roomy furniture, the practical form of which does not exclude a unique appearance, will help in this. Storage space will be provided by a multi-functional chest of drawers, the layout of which will be determined at the design stage. Thanks to this, we will not only easily organize items in drawers, but also display some of them on the counter - a vase with fresh flowers or family photos. A double bookcase can accommodate larger items . We can choose whether we want its interior to be completely covered by a practical door, or if we prefer to leave some part of it open. In order not to make the room seem overloaded, it is enough to add lightness to it by selecting high legs for each piece of furniture - this way we will also make cleaning easier.

    • A return to the past in a modern edition

      When arranging a living room, we can focus on modern solutions, but nothing stands in the way of combining them with proven classics. How to draw inspiration from the past and give them a contemporary spirit?


      A salon in a classic, serious tone is an offer for those who are looking for timeless elegance. It is worth replacing the once dominant paneling with a more modern version, i.e. lamella panels. Their vertical form will optically lengthen the room, and the chocolate shade will make a note of mystery creep into the interior. Furniture in a shade of dark oak will gently blend into the background of a wooden wall. Thanks to the narrow legs, they will look light, and the inserts of black elements will prevent them from getting lost in the whole arrangement. To avoid a too serious atmosphere, choose bright textiles and decorations - for example, a beige rug thrown over a couch or a glass, grooved vase with a light brown tint. When arranging a dark living room, we should also remember about its proper lighting .

    • A retro-style living room? Why not! We will also obtain an arrangement in the style of the old days when we combine black furniture finishes with brown and beige. Among the subdued colors, the original armchair or lamp can play the leading role . The nostalgic character of the interior is emphasized by dried flowers, black and white photographs and old editions of books. Let us not be afraid of eclecticism. Nothing stands in the way of combining modern solutions with proven classics in any proportions.


      In the living room or ... on holiday?

      The living room is a place where we break away from everyday worries, immerse ourselves in our favorite book or a thrilling film screening. To emphasize the relaxing atmosphere, it is worth introducing holiday memories into the interior. Beach lovers will relax among natural wood furniture and beige accessories, reminiscent of fine and pleasant sand. The decor will be complemented by ornaments made of braided string and dried grass, paintings in wooden frames or a rattan lamp shade . It is also good to display stones and shells, which will remind you of swimming in the sea every day.

    • To avoid monochrome, it is worth introducing an additional color in the form of deep indigo. Both furniture and selected walls can have such a shade. The maritime climate will also be complemented by white, reminiscent of sea foam. Resting in such a living room, we will easily transfer our thoughts to the beach also in the middle of the cold winter.


      Color energy bomb

      In the living room, we can also create an energetic, truly explosive mixture. For some, intense colors are a surefire way to be in a good mood every day. The Creative system allows you to fulfill your dreams of a yellow bookcase, pink chest of drawers or a green coffee table. However, remember to mix the colors in moderation . Over time, they could overwhelm us and, instead of smiling, cause a headache.


      Multicolored cabinet fronts, shelves contrasting with its body, door handles with distinctive color - there are plenty of possibilities! The selection of shades will be facilitated by the configurator in which we will prepare designs of our own furniture.

    • Kredens
    • It is worth combining bottle green with saffron or powder pink. Thanks to the black handles and legs, we will achieve a harmonious effect. For the furniture to be the strongest accent in our living room, it is worth choosing subdued colors of other elements, e.g. gray or white walls and floors. The bolder ones can opt for a multi-colored decorative mosaic, referring to the entire arrangement.


      Color is also a great complement to an elegant living room. For example, soft blankets and pillows in a warm nude shade will add coziness. Black furniture with golden legs and handles will serve us for years. To refresh the character of such an arrangement, it is enough to change the accessories.


      How to furnish a living room close to nature?

      A good idea when arranging a living room is to introduce live plants into it . Thanks to them, the room will not only take on a bit more wild character, but will also have a better atmosphere - both in a metaphorical and literal sense, because some "green tenants" perfectly clean the air of toxins.

    • Plants will be particularly well-suited to interiors inspired by nature: from the intense green color of the walls, through armchairs and sofas in earth tones, to wooden panels on the floor . We can break this arrangement with the timeless white and black, present in the fronts or handles of the furniture.


      Meetings surrounded by pots are associated with pleasantly warm months, when the greenery explodes with full force and nature fills us with life energy. Plants will complete any arrangement. They will perfectly match, for example, the neutral, wooden pattern of the chest of drawers, the universal black of the chairs and the coolness of the industrial, grayish floor. Thanks to them, the living room becomes a real urban oasis where you can relax after the hardships of the day. The plant composition should be supplemented with frames with your favorite posters and pictures.


      If we forget to water the plants, we can create a less demanding jungle in our living room thanks to the decorative Kerradeco wall . Lush leaves will look great with oak patterns. We will achieve a unique effect by choosing black furniture finishes and minimalist decorations.

    • Beauty is in the details

      Although it is easy to forget about details during the fervor accompanying the arrangement of the living room, their role cannot be overestimated. It is the decorations and lighting that reflect the character of the interior, while emphasizing the individual taste of the hosts. It is thanks to them that the living room becomes truly "ours".

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